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Wellness Visit

Wellness Visit

Wellness Visit services offered in Miami, FL

When you’re feeling good and healthy, a wellness visit ensures you maintain that state. Francisco A. Cruz, MD, PA, and his experienced team, including Mimi Ferrer Cruz, APRN, and Adriel Perez, APRN, offer care to adolescents and adults in Miami, Florida. Comprehensive wellness exams help your medical professionals understand how to best maintain your current health and empower you for the future. If you’re interested in a wellness visit, reach out to Francisco Cruz, MD, PA,online or by phone today.

Wellness Visit Q & A

What is a wellness visit?

Although a wellness visit is similar to a physical, it focuses on maintaining current health and detecting any underlying health condition before you have symptoms. A wellness visit allows your provider to understand your overall health and family history and create a strategy to maintain or improve your health. 

How often should I go to a wellness visit? 

Doctors recommend a wellness visit or checkup yearly for anyone over 18 years old.

If you’re suffering from a chronic condition like diabetes, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or an autoimmune disorder, you should communicate with your provider about the recommended frequency of your wellness visits. 

What are the benefits of a wellness visit? 

Regular wellness visits allow your provider to: 

  • Detect serious health conditions early on
  • Prevent or improve symptoms 
  • Monitor and maintain current health 
  • Limit the costs that come with health complications 
  • Stay current with your vaccinations and immunizations 

Regular wellness visits also create an opportunity to build a strong, long-lasting relationship with your provider. 

What happens during a wellness visit? 

Your provider first discusses your family history and asks questions about your current health. You should communicate any allergies, symptoms, or chronic pain you’re experiencing. 

You can expect your provider to: 

  • Take your height and weight 
  • Record current medications
  • Take your vitals (blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate) 
  • Check your ears and eyesight 
  • Perform an abdomen, thyroid, and lymph node exam 
  • Perform a dermatological exam
  • Use a stethoscope to listen to your lungs and heart 
  • Take any necessary blood or urine tests 

During a wellness visit, your provider may screen you for obesity, drug or alcohol issues, depression, obesity, or certain cancers and diseases for which you might be at risk. 

For women, your wellness visit may include a mammogram, pelvic exam, or address any reproductive or vaginal issues. 

For men, your provider may perform a testicular and prostate cancer screening or a hernia exam.  

Your provider will also educate you on self-exams to do at home. This can be anything from skin checks to breast and testicular exams. 

If you’re interested in coming in for a wellness visit, reach out to Francisco A. Cruz, MD, PA,by phone or online today.