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Physicals services offered in Miami, FL

You don’t necessarily have to be ill to come in to see your doctor. Francisco A. Cruz, MD, PA, and his team, including Mimi Ferrer Cruz, APRN, and Adriel Perez, APRN, offer comprehensive physicals to the Miami, Florida community. Treating patients ages 18 and older, the team uses physicals to understand your overall wellness and prevent health concerns down the road. If you’re interested in coming in for a physical exam, reach out online or by phone today. 

Physicals Q & A

What is a physical? 

Your doctor performs a physical exam in their office to understand your health holistically. You don’t need to be ill or suffering from any symptoms to go in for a physical. Some doctors recommend doing a physical annually as a preventative measure. 

During the physical, your provider takes your vitals, weight, blood pressure, and heart rate and examines any other symptoms you have. A physical exam can help to identify more serious health conditions early on, and your provider can refer you to a specialist if needed. 

What happens during a physical? 

When arriving at your physical, prepare to discuss your current medications, allergies, any noted health issues, and information related to other specialists you may be seeing. 


You can then expect your provider to: 

  • Ask you questions about your lifestyle 
  • Ask about your medical history and update it if needed 
  • Take your vitals (blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate) 
  • Check your weight 
  • Perform a head, eyes, chest, and abdomen exam 
  • Examine your eyes, ears, nose, and throat 
  • Examine any symptoms you have
  • Perform a dermatological exam 
  • Perform a mental health evaluation for depression or anxiety 

You can receive vaccines or immunizations during a physical and your provider may recommend taking certain tests or screenings. 

What tests or screenings might be performed in a physical? 

You can expect your provider to take a complete blood count and metabolic panel. This can identify any issues you may have with your kidneys, immune system, liver, or blood. If you are at risk for cancer, heart conditions, or thyroid concerns, they may perform additional screenings.  

If you are female, you may have additional screenings performed like: 

  • Mammogram to check for breast cancer 
  • Pap smear to screen for cervical cancer 
  • Pelvic exam 
  • Cholesterol test 
  • Osteoporosis screening 

Men can expect screenings like: 

  • Cholesterol test
  • Prostate cancer screening 
  • Testicular exam 
  • Hernia exam 

For both men and women over 45, your provider may recommend a colonoscopy to check for colon cancer or a lung cancer screening. If you’re sexually active, you may also ask for an STI screening panel. 

Routine physicals can be key in identifying health concerns early on, developing healthy lifestyle choices, and understanding your family history and health risks down the road. Reach out online or call Francisco A. Cruz, MD, PA,today to schedule a physical appointment.